The Barbershop West St. Paul, MN

Address & Phone

1590 S Robert St
West St Paul, MN


Hours & Appointments

Monday – Friday: 9:00am – 7:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am – 4:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am – 4:00pm

Walk-ins and Appointments Accepted Everyday
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Men’s Grooming Services & Prices

Men’s Hair Cut: $21.75 or $21.00 cash and up
Boy’s Hair Cut: $21.75 or $21.00 cash and up
Grey Blending: $30.00 and up
Wax: $7.00 and up
Beard Trim: $7.00 and up

Our services are available to all members of the public regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation.


North of 494 on Robert Street at the northeast corner of South Robert Street and East Wentworth Avenue. Located next to Noodles just north of Wal-mart.

The Barbershop is a West St. Paul hair salon for men in West St. Paul, MN. All men’s hair salons in West St. Paul are usually failing to offer that comforting yet masculine feel you’ll encounter at The Barbershop. The Barbershop is a present day twist on the old school, classic barbershop experience.

We could continue to tell you how great we are, but we think a clients review (off Yelp) is more realistic:

“This was the first time we’ve come here, though they’re conveniently located for us.

My son was in dire need of a haircut. I usually do it myself, and neither of us really wanted that.

We didn’t even have to wait after I signed in, which was nice on a Friday after work.

The young lady (Emily) who cut my son’s hair was nice, quick, professional and long suffering. My son wasn’t a problem, yet I could tell that she could probably handle a screaming child. Emily engaged in conversation and turned on the television towhat my son wished to watch during the cut.

We are all happy with the results and will be back again. The cut was only $14, which I found surprisingly cheap. Then again, it was a male haircut. Men do seem to get off pretty cheaply when it comes to personal care.

If you’re seeking a quick, professional, talented stylist for a guy’s do, I think that this might be your place.”

– Mahva J.

At The Barbershop in West St. Paul, MN, we offer you more than simply a cut and style. The Barbershop offers free neck trims, cleanse and conditioning, a hot towel, a relaxing neck and shoulder massage and the much-needed haircut you came in for, trimmed and styled the way you like it.

The Barbershop gladly offers all this because of one objective – boys to men of all ages in St. Paul, MN will love their haircuts once more. Plan an appointment or come on in, we’ll be waiting for you.


It’s time to enjoy your haircut again.

Schedule an appointment or come on in; we’ll be waiting for you.