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When we opened in 2005, we knew the focus of our business would be on our staff. You
have invested a great deal of time and effort into becoming an accredited professional.
Recognizing this, we developed a culture that empowers you to continue to grow your
career through: Our base of loyal customers; Cutting edge on-line appointment software,
and flexible scheduling. Our goal is for you to receive the compensation, security, benefits,
and growth that you deserve.

flexible schedule

We work with you to create a schedule that fits your lifestyle. We understand everyone needs a work-life balance. Our schedules are prepared a month in advance, allowing you to plan the days you work and those you don’t.

outstanding culture

By embracing our differences, we have created an open and inclusive culture. We want you to be yourself with us.

pay & benefits

We offer a competitively based hourly rate and an easy-to-understand commission bonus that is paid each payroll. No games, no risk. Speaking of commissions, our structure isn’t tiered. You earn the same amount on every service no matter how many you perform. No carrots. No strings.

control your future

We let our stylists and barbers grow their clientele. This allows you to better control your earnings by developing your fan base. Want to move up? We love to promote from within and have lots of opportunities for growth.

enjoy your workplace