Dec 7, 2017

Salons across America will be very busy during the holiday season. At The Barbershop A Hair Salon For Men, we understand that men will being getting their haircut and that mothers will want haircuts for their boys so they look good for all the family gatherings. Due to men and boys looking to get haircuts in a condensed period of time we have to make every effort to keep location of The Barbershop A Hair Salon For Men running smoothly without putting too much stress on our staff. Through planning, appointment taking and increasing stylist availability at the right times, we can help our customers get our complete haircut service which includes a haircut, shampoo & condition, relaxing hot towel, eyebrow and mustache trim along with a shoulder massage. By helping our staff understand that this time of year is busy and that with some flexibility on everyone’s part, our customers can get the high-quality haircut they are looking for and our staff can enjoy a busy lead up to the Holiday’s we can create a winning situation for all. To add to the Holiday environment and salon morale, things like food days, holiday decorating and Secret Santa can be done to keep everyone happy and in the Holiday mood.