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Give your beard a treat today

Mar 9, 2015

There a many products available for our hair and we all know what they are for.  There are products to help us style, prevent our hair from getting dry and to make us look younger by removing some or all of our gray.  Don’t leave your beard out, there are also products made specifically for beards.

Beards can get brittle and look like broom sticks.  Gibs makes several proucts designed to prevent both of these issues and to protect and nurtious your skin.  Gibs has created a magic mix that softens your scuff and keeps it looking healthy.

Voo Doo Prince casts s sultry, spell biinding majesty with bergamot, sage and sandalwood among other ingredients.  Man Scaper combines sunflower, olive and argan olis to soften, slick and manage your mane.  Bush Master with its’ grapefruit, tabacco flower, saffron and cedar soften your beard and treat your skin.

Show your beard you care, try some of these products today.
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