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What’s your New Years resolution?

Jan 13, 2015

Welcome to 2015!  Many of us approach each new year with a lsit of resolutions.  That is, we come up with a list of actions, task, changes that we want to do as part of the new year.  If owning your own business is one this year’s resolutions or maybe last year’s, The Barbershop A Hair Salon For Men may help you meet that resolution. 

We are a rapidly growing franchise with 32 locations across the US.  We like to work with a smaller number of franchisees interested in developing multiple locations within a state, region or city, thus keeping our support infrastructure costs under control and passing that efficiency on to our franchise owners via a very low royalty structure that decreases with the opening of more locations.

Check out our franchise page and start making some progress on your New Year’s resolution list today.  This could be the year you become your own boss.
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