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Is Your Hairstyle Dating You?

Oct 7, 2014

If you haven’t updated your hairstyle in a decade, men, you’re not alone. You know how to style your hair because you’ve rocked the same style since high school or college, you feel comfortable visiting your hairstylist because you both know how the end result will look, and you feel confident in your look because you feel comfortable.

But what is your hairstyle actually communicating to friends, employers or dates? If your hairstyle looks out of date, these folks may get the message that you yourself are out of touch. New dates may think that you’re older than you are, or that you’re not hip and cool.

Take a cue from clothing for men: When men’s fashions start to change, it’s a good idea to discuss a new look with your hairstylist. You don’t need to worry as much about seasonal changes or trendy colors as you do changes to cut. When suit lapel width, tie width or men’s shirts change, it’s time for a style reboot.

Finding a hairstyle you like

Once you start to feel like it’s time to update your look, begin to check out men’s haircuts. Start with your friends, your officemates or your teammates, people you see regularly and who may have things in common with you. Notice who has a trendy cut that might be too "out there" for you, who has a cut that looks similar to yours and who has a cut that you just don’t like. It’s just as important to identify what trends or styles you don’t like as it is to find ones you do like.

Look to celebrities for inspiration, since they are likely to keep up with the trends in men’s hair. In fact, Don Draper’s Mad Men hairstyle is one of the most requested looks for this season. Download pictures of celebrity haircuts, rip out images from newspapers or magazines or ask your friends whether you can take their picture.

When you have some ideas of hairstyles you like, schedule a visit with your hairstylist. Show off the pictures you have found and discuss the different looks with your stylist. The texture of your hair and the shape of your face affect the way that different cuts will sit. While you may love a particular hairstyle, it may not work with your features or your hair texture. For this reason, you’re better off having a few examples of hairstyles that you enjoy because it’s more likely that one or more of these looks will work well on you.

Styling tips

When you change your look, you may need to learn to style it again. Ask your hairdresser for tips on what products to use and how you can recreate the styled look at home.

While this sounds like a lot of work, it doesn’t need to be. If you approach your style update with a sense of fun, you’re more likely to appreciate your updated look. 

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