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The Best Hairstyle for Your Face Pt. 2

Aug 26, 2014

Welcome back to the second edition of figuring out which hairstyle best flatters your face! We’ve got more face shapes below to help you figure out the best cut for you. 

 If you’ve read our last post, you’d know that a heart face is one that is wide at the temples and hairline, with a narrow chin. A triangular face is the exact opposite—just flip that heart shaped face upside down. If you have a triangular face, you have a narrow forehead that widens into a larger jaw. Go for styles that add width to the forehead, like the undercut or pompadour that produces more volume at the top. Stay away from long hair, or hair that grows beyond the neckline—your wide jaw will look larger, and accentuate your smaller forehead.

A diamond face shape doesn’t necessarily mean a perfectly, symmetrical diamond. Rather, it means that you are a tiny bit wider on top before narrowing a bit toward the bottom. The widest part of your head is most likely around your ears. Therefore, go for hairstyles that add width at the top and bottom, while narrowing your cheekbones. Short cuts that emphasize the ears should be avoided because it might accentuate the widest part around your ears, and create the illusion that your ears stick out more than they actually do.

Some men have a combination of these face shapes—choosing a hairstyle, therefore, can be done on which shape your face most closely resembles. Otherwise, you can simply downplay prominent characteristics to reach balanced proportions.

Our Barbershop stylists can help you decide which cut will flatter your face most—we are always available for a consultation before we make the cut! So relax, come in, then relax again...

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