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The Best Hairstyle for Your Face Pt. 1

Jul 26, 2014

Have you ever wondered what haircut works best for your face shape? Do you even know what face shape you have? Well, my good sir, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re going to not only determine what face shape you have, but also what kind of do will most flatter your unique angles and curves.

First, we’ll begin with square face shapes—you know, the chiseled look with the Don Draper jawline? Those with square face shapes can accommodate a wide range of styles, but if you keep your hair short and tight, it’s best to keep hair around the hairline softer around the edges.

Those with oval face shapes—proportionally balanced with similar sized foreheads and chins—can experiment a bit more! You can be super versatile with this face shape, choosing either long or short hair! The only thing you’ll want to avoid are straight-across bangs—this can make your oval face appear rounder.

If you have an oblong face shape, essentially a slightly longer version of an oval face, be sure to keep your sides and length on top well proportioned. A variety of haircuts will work on this face. If you want to downplay the length of your shape, break it up with some side-swooping bangs or a style that brings some hair onto the face to maintain balance.

A round face is exactly what it sounds like—no prominent angles. With a round face, the key is add some volume on top to keep it from looking too round. You might think that going for sharp angles (straight-across bangs, pointy sideburns) will help balance the roundness, but you will actually want to do the opposite. Make sure your hair is softer around the edges, because sharp fringes and cuts will only make your face appear rounder. 

Finally, if you have a heart face shape—a softer upside-down triangle with wide temples and a pointy chin, keep length on top longer. Whether this extra hair is slicked flat down or moussed to the clouds, it will balance your bigger top half.

If none of these face shapes sound like yours, stay tuned for more recommendations in our next post! If you can’t wait, feel free to ask one of our stylists! We’d be happy to help you discover your hair and face equilibrium.   

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