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Why You Should Wait For a Hair Transplant

May 26, 2014

Most men fear going bald someday, and unfortunately for many of them, it ends up becoming a reality.  Some men go bald, or at least start going bald as early as their mid 20’s, and those fellas are usually eager to find a way to get some more hair on their head, and keep from going completely bald.  What they don’t realize though, is that hair transplants can have some real complications if they are done too early, and before all the hair is lost.

The issue here is that if the hair you’re losing isn’t completely gone when you get a transplant, you will continue to lose hair AFTER the transplant.  Why is that bad?  Well, the way hair transplants usually work, is that they move a strip of hair follicles from the back of your head to the front, in order to lower your hairline.  That means that the transplanted hair is right in front of the hair line that is *still receding*.  The hair that’s been transplanted should grow and stay there for ever, but the hair right behind it will keep coming out, leaving you with a pretty unsightly and unnatural gap between the front of your hair and your natural hairline.

Not only is this something that won’t be aesthetically pleasing, but it also means that if you want a full head of hair, you’re going to have to get more procedures to keep filling in the gap as your hair keeps coming out!  It’s a pretty vicious cycle that can be avoided by waiting it out until you stop losing your hair.  While dealing with being bald for years and waiting to stop losing your hair is not an ideal situation, it’s better than fighting a moving bald gap in the middle of your head and paying for multiple procedures.

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