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The History of The Barber Shop.

Apr 26, 2014

Although The Barbershop, a Hair Salon for Men has only been around since 2005, barbershops have been around for a looooong long time.  The first Barber shops date all the way back to Roman times, and back then they did a lot more than just cutting hair.  "Barbers" of old used to do anything from your usual hair trim, to dentistry and some surgery. (talk about a one stop shop!) In fact, because of this, they used to be referred to as Barber surgeons because of their multiple specialties.

Now, Barber shops as we know them didn’t really come into their own until much later, and the 1880’s to the 1940’s were a sort of golden age for barber shops.  During this time, stopping at your local barber shop once or twice a week was part of a routine that most men followed.  Some men even stopped by every day just for a taste of the atmosphere and to catch up on the chatter.

As the times went on and new products were introduced like safety razors, and at home hair-cutting equipment, barber shops started to dwindle.  On top of that, hair styles changed drastically and fewer men wanted a clean cut look that needed to be trimmed every week or so.  

Barbershops were created as a place for men to go and get their hair cut, catch up on the times, and chew the fat with the fellas.  Although this is a bit of a dying trend, we’re doing our best to keep the spirit of barber shops alive, with our own style of course.  We want to maintain the feel of the classic barber shops, while still offering the best value possible.  We want stylists know how to cut men’s hairstyles, we want to provide a friendly enviroment for guys to come in and hang out like they did in the old days, and we want to be a place that you can stop in at any time to catch up on what’s happening.  

So help us keep the spirit of barber shops alive and come hang out!

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