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Don’t take your Beard for Granted!

Mar 26, 2014

If someone asked you how much you thought your beard was worth, what would you say?  Most men would probably think not much, unless you’re famous.  Well, it turns out beards are more valuable than you may think, or rather, the ability to grow one.

Now everybody knows what a Hipster is.  In fact, most of you probably know someone who claims to be one.  Hipsters have a very specific fashion sense and style, which includes, for men at least, rugged beards.  We also know that not everyone is capable of growing a thick, rugged beard on their own.  It’s genetics, some have it and some don’t.  But as the Hipster trend continues to grow and the look becomes more common and more important, aspiring hipsters are shelling out up to $8,500 for a beard transplant!  You read that right, a beard transplant!

These operations take hair from other parts of your body, like your head and chest, and implant it onto your face.  The best part is, once the procedure is complete, it acts like a real beard!  Grows at the same or similar rate, and you shave it all the same.  Plastic Surgeons in the Brooklyn area say in the past, they had done 2-3 of these operations in a year if that, as of late they’re doing 2-3 A WEEK.  

Clearly, having a beard is a very important part of the persona and the look of today’s hipsters.  And not just any beard, it can’t have patches or spots, it needs to be a full, dense, thick beard.  It’s so important that hundreds and hundreds of hipsters are willing to fork over almost $10,000 for the look!  

The moral of the story here gents, is that your beard is worth more than you think!  People pay good money every day to get the look that you got for free!  So embrace it and be thankful, just don’t flaunt it around any desperate hipsters...they may just try to buy it from you.

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