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Our Shoulder Massages are Like a Drug...Literally!

Feb 26, 2014

You know that expression, "it’s so good it’s like a drug"?  Well in this case, that’s actually an accurate description of the shoulder massages that we offer!


Massages have been proven to act like pain relieving drugs in the way that they reduce inflammation at a molecular level, much like a pain killer would.   They also help stimulate the muscles being massaged so that they create new mitochondria, which are the energy generating part of your cells.  


Scientists conducted a study on how massage works on the body by massaging volunteers that had exhausted themselves on exercise bikes.  They massaged one leg of each of the volunteers shortly after their workout, and left the other untouched.  They were able to see great results in the leg that was massaged in terms of the effect of cytokines (molecules contributing to inflammation) when compared against the leg that was not massaged.


So not only will our massages relax you, but they will also help relieve pain and fight inflammation in your muscles!  Oh and did we mention that our massages are included with the price of your haircut?  So take advantage of it fellas, don’t skip the shoulder massage when you come in for a haircut.  Trust us, your back and shoulders will thank you.

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