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Want to impress the ladies? Grow a beard!

Jan 26, 2014

Fellas, we’ve got some great news for you.  We know what lengths you go through to try and impress a gal, or even to just look attractive for them.  Well, it turns out one scientifically proven way to attract women has been right under your noses this whole time...literally!  

Research has shown that women find men with beards more attractive, masculine, and healthy when compared against men without beards!  Now, there are some caveats don’t just let your beard go for months untamed.  Based on the research, the most attractive beard is a heavy stubble look, or about a 10-day beard for most men.  Men with fuller beards were still seen as very masculine and healthy, but not as attractive as the ones with just the heavy stubble.  On top of that, men with beards were seen as more likely to be a good father than men without beards!  Now, that may not necessarily be true, as there is no research showing that having a beard makes you a better parent.  However, if you’re looking to prove yourself as a could-be dad to your gal, growing a beard could certailny help your chances.

So there you have it gents!  Put away your checkbook and don’t worry about buying all those new trendy clothes, all you need to do is let nature take it’s course and grow that beard!

The research that this post is based on can be found here

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